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LifeMOT CIC – Coaching for Businesses in Cornwall, Community groups or one to one Personal Development. We offer quality training specific to your individual or company needs to enhance your leadership skills, develop skills and techniques for well-being and manage stress in the workplace.

Our coaches help identify your business or life goals and teach you how to take positive steps to achieve them. We support people with long-term health conditions and individuals returning to work after sickness.

Over the last couple of years we’ve helped Individuals, Businesses and Community Groups understand the benefits of using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and we have had the pleasure of seeing some dramatic results.

Just imagine what you could achieve, given the right tools and support? We’ll work with you to ensure you know the right action to take and how to get it NOW!

Dream – Believe – Achieve


Working with managers and employees to promote robust leadership skills,  a healthy workplace, strong teams, effective  communication with a drive to succeed. One to One Coaching or Group Training.

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Training groups in your community. Learn skills and techniques to gain confidence, raise self-esteem and set compelling goals for the future. Tap into your internal motivation. Available as a group session or one to one.

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Develop skills to enhance your well-being and to manage life’s up and downs. We’ll teach you techniques based on the latest research available to adapt and cope with your life. Groups or one to one sessions available

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Come and join us near Truro every month for Networking and Knowledge. We’ll have guest speakers and discussion subjects on a variety of development topics

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