At LifeMOT, we’re passionate about teaching communities how to create positive habits and behaviours.

We have a proven track record for improving confidence. Our goal is to support people to create a realistic balanced lifestyle that enables them to make their life easier, make decisions quicker, be more productive, emotionally intelligent and resilient.

This two day course is designed to give you practical easy to learn tools that will be with you for the rest of your life, based on NLP, theory and practical work that’ll make sense of how your mind works. It’s time to give yourself an MOT and make sure that you are running efficiently.

These workshop days can be taken as stand alone days or as a tailor made package. You’ll have time to work on your individual goals and make future realistic plans.

At LifeMOT we understand that no two people are the same, have the same motivation, values or drive. We are committed to giving all our trainees time to explore their own journey, whatever that may be, in a confidential, safe and supported group. All our techniques can be adapted, we’ll teach you how, to your needs and lifestyle requirements. We’ve had years of experience helping people reach their goals. whether that’s for business, family or personal.

  • Anchoring Success
  • Motivation – what makes you tick
  • Create Confidence
  • Improve Communication
  • Creative Visualisation and Goal Setting the sub conscious mind
  • Time management

Full course overview Overview and info Step in Life 2014 pdf

We currently have no workshops planned but are able to put a course together at short notice using tested materials and approaches.
Contact us if this is something we can assist you with.


Cornwall has a higher than average ageing population meaning there is an increased demand on NHS funds. Three out of every five people aged over 60 in England suffer from a long-term condition, and as the population ages, this proportion is likely to rise.

There are 40,000 people in Cornwall who are out of work, of which some 23,000 receive health related benefits.

The estimated cost to the NHS of obesity related conditions locally will rise to about £161 million by 2015.

“By supporting people with their long term conditions, through personal support plans and increasing their capacity to self-care, we can help to improve their mental as well as physical wellbeing”. (Outcome 2 from Health and Well-being Strategy 2013-2015).

Our one day Wellness Workshop will give you tools and techniques to support health needs. Using techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Life Coaching and Training, LifeMOT will build on the skills and abilities people already have to give a better understanding about how to make positive change and develop their own personalised support plan to create the best possible health for each individual.
The one day workshop is for adults with a health diagnosis and anyone who will be supporting the individual. Consultants, GP’s, Nurses, Care workers, Volunteers, Family, friends etc. Empowering people to make positive lifestyle choices can reduce the need for medications, speed up recovery and reduce time spent in GP surgeries or emergency out of hours call outs.

We work with partners and communities to increase social networks and reduce isolation and loneliness

Course content

  • Explore coping techniques
  • Mindfulness Relaxation
  • Visualisation
  • Goal setting
  • Life balance and daily planning
  • Reframing
  • Create your Wellness Plan

This course outline from 2014 gives the essentials of the course.   Overview Well to Work 2014 – pdf 
We would discuss with you any specifics you need covered in  the course.

Currently we have no further dates booked, however if you are able to get a group together, then we may be able to arrange a course near you. Please get in touch as soon as possible for more information.

Life Conversations is the first step on our path towards addressing these issues. Life Conversations offer a safe place to meet others, discuss issues that affect you and to build new connections within your community. More developments in this area are being planned.