Functional Imagery Training

“FIT is a new way of supporting behaviour change using mental imagery. This approach builds ontwo decades of resxearch showing that mental imagery is more strongly emtionally charged than other types of thought.
Mental imagery is what gives cravings their dominance over other thoughts, and it can help us work successfully towards a new goal despite obstaclesz. FIT builds on this potential, showing people how toi use imagery effetively in their everyday lives, to reach the goals they value. ”
University of Plymouth Cognition Institute, 2017-19

Amanda and Andy have undertaken initial training in FIT and are moving towards gaining a licencse to deliver this approach.

We are looking for case study subjects who wish to work with us as we test out our skills.
Participants will be required to agree to sessions being recorded (audio/video) for accreditation use, before and after photographs (if relevant to the goal) and feedback quotes with permission to use them. If you agree to that, there will be two sessions about a week apart at the beginning and a follow up between 3 and 6 months later. Those sessions will be free of charge.

If you are interested in being a case study subject, please contact us to be added to be contacted and added to the list. Please give your basic details (telephone number/email) plus the goal you wish to work on. We will respond with an initial phone interview after which we will select around 20 to go forward.
Help us and we will help you.