Seeking a Golden Civilization

On the 1st of July this year we welcomed George Kinder to the Greenbank Hotel in Falmouth for a Golden Civilization conversation. This event was made possible by Jeremy Squibb of Serenity FP, a student of George and a follower of his Life Planning approach. Unlike our approach to Life Conversations, which as I explained

Why Life Conversations?

Life Conversations bring together a group of people who may never have met each other and would not meet had they not answered the invitation to join us and talk. The participants do not come from one point of view, indeed, we encourage people to explore alternative points of view. To take a holistic approach

PLUSS programme

Thanks you to Lizard Pathways for this write up.  Specialist Provider Profile: Amanda Hudson – Life MOT There are a high percentage of our participants that are receiving support from Amanda, this specialist provision gives NLP therapy to our participants helping resolve issues that are causing them a problem.  So far this has shown a

Life Conversations

What an amazing turnout we had for our first ever Life Conversation group. Thank you to everyone who came along to experience and enjoy, coffee cake and Conversations. We'll definitely be doing this again in the near future so please keep a look for future events. The Saracens Plate were so welcoming and will be

New Director joins LifeMOT

LifeMOT cic, Falmouth-based health and wellness company has appointed Andy Coote to their Board in an active capacity. He will work with fellow Directors Amanda Hudson and Robert Rush to develop the business offer of the company and to co-deliver some business coaching and community-based workshops. He will also be involved in Marketing the company