Why Life Conversations?

Life Conversations bring together a group of people who may never have met each other and would not meet had they not answered the invitation to join us and talk. The participants do not come from one point of view, indeed, we encourage people to explore alternative points of view. To take a holistic approach to the subject.

Subjects are usually around being human, improving our lives, improving health and embracing life in all its aspects. We encourage the conversations to be positive and progressive, that is, they are more positive than negative and seeking answers and insights on the topic. The approach is allied with Appreciative Inquiry, an approach which looks for the good and successful in any situation and builds on that. Rather than concentrating on the negative and spending time examining why things aren’t working, our approach allows people to think freely, to generate solutions without the need to defend their position against blame or dismissal.

Conversations are organic. They require active listening, ideas and expression. Active listening requires giving others a good listening to, rather than thinking of your own response. You hear their point of view, take it into your thinking and respond so much better as a result. Sometimes they are the way you realise what you think about an issue. The conversation moves forward. It is progressive.

We have no agenda at these sessions. The conversations take their own course as the group shape them. It is like driving through country lanes, weaving around the bends, taking time to enjoy the view rather than driving on a Motorway, where the view just flies past the window. They are mindful and relaxed and therefore good for your health (physical, mental and spiritual), good for your connection and engagement with others and, above all, good for you.

We are working on Business Conversations and Appreciative Inquiry. If this sparks your interest, please contact us.

First published on Linkedin on 25th July 2019 by Andy Coote.