Life Conversations 22nd January 2020 – outcomes

Life Conversations 22nd January 2020 - outcomes Our 22nd January conversation at Falmouth Hotel focused on intentions for 2020 and for the 20s in general. We had a full table of participants who contributed to the discussion around the table. The conversation began with morning rituals, the first things people

Applied NLP for Health Management

Amanda is giving a free talk as a preview to her speaking at the ANLP Regional Conference this October. If you would like to find out more about how LifeMOT can support you as an individual, a business or as a community group please book a seat. There will be plenty of time for questions

Introducing LifeMOT

LifeMOT is a series of workshops where you can build up points to achieve your LifeMOT Certificate. Every year you put your car in for a service, make repairs and adjustments in order to keep it roadworthy, fit for purpose and in good running condition to pass the MOT. When did you last pay the

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