Life Conversations 22nd January 2020 – outcomes

Our 22nd January conversation at Falmouth Hotel focused on intentions for 2020 and for the 20s in general. We had a full table of participants who contributed to the discussion around the table.

The conversation began with morning rituals, the first things people do when getting up in the morning. We had a range from the mundane – tea/coffee, water, shower, toilet, checking phones through listening to the radio (Today programme on R4) to meditation and prayer, exercise and milking the goats.

We then considered things we might say yes to and dare to do. These included, losing weight and getting fitter, moving house, doing courses, to being content, being more social and sociable, smiling more and finding themselves and their passion.

We also looked at family and  friends. Some of the group are looking for self-reliance, resilience, acceptance and reaching out.

Finally in our 2 hours conversation we looked at the year ahead as a one word intention and some of the learnings from the afternoon. Change was explicit and implicit in this section and included starting a new Centre, moving house, building relationships, travelling, finding a new, better job and exploring future possibilities. One work intentions included change, Health, Still (both stillness and still here), Resurgence, Connection, Clarity, self-discover and expansive.

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to get out and meet new people and to engage in interesting conversation with them. As this is our intention, we feel that our objectives were fully met this time.

Our discussions were based on the Year Compass and particularly the ‘Magical Triplets’. Find the full, much longer exercise of reviewing last year and planning for this at the Year Compass site.