Adults managing long term health conditions and their carers will soon be able to benefit from a new Wellness Workshop delivered in your local area.

We are piloting this new project at The Elms in Redruth on Friday 19th September. Call Angela or Amanda on 01326 373057 or 07958956216.    Book Here 

The aims of the day long workshop is to give people practical techniques to help manage their Health condition, build self -esteem and develop a Wellness Plan for Daily Life.  “It gives people back control of their own health and enables them to get their life back” says Amanda. The course can be fully funded if you meet the eligibility criteria. Spaces are limited.

3 out of every 5 people aged over 60 in England suffer from a long-term condition, and as the population ages, this proportion is likely to rise.” By empowering people to make positive lifestyle choices we can reduce the need for medications, speed up recovery and reduce time spent in GP surgeries or emergency out of hours call outs. We work with partners and communities to increase social networks and reduce isolation and loneliness” said Angela.

LifeMOT CIC is a local training company run by Amanda Hudson and Angela Coote. They already have a excellent track record with 88% improvement in confidence and motivation. They have developed this new project based on the recent attendance at the London Conference for NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and from research within health care plans from Japan where Dr Kono has shown 60% drastic improvement in health conditions and NLP has, for over 30years, been used to help people discover how they can use the power of their minds to support and enhance their lives using techniques from NLP.