Given the current advice on avoiding unnecessary contact during the Covid-19 delay phase, we have decided to defer this meeting and to hold it later in the year on a date to be advised.

Apologies for any inconvenience arising from our decision.

Last week, we met and had a Life Conversation about travel. We included journeys to distant places – USA, Vietnam, Bali and many others – and journeys closer to home. We considered life as a journey where it is more important to travel hopefully because arrival is a final destination. Memento Mori.

Wherever we travel, the one constant is that we take ourselves with us. No matter where we go, what we acquire, who we are with, true happiness is also a journey and not a destination. Happiness is almost certainly an internal state and one that depends mostly on us, not external factors.

We meet next time 2 days before the International Day of Happiness which this year is on Friday 20th March on the theme of ‘Happier Together’. So our theme for our meeting on Wednesday 18th March will be Happiness and Happier Together. We will explore a number of topics including

  • What is happiness to you?
  • Is it external or internal?
  • When have you been at your happiest?
  • What does Happy Together mean to you?
  • What needs to be true for you to be happy?
  • Is there a repeatable model?