Motivate Me

Our latest Workshop has launched in Cornwall.
1st June. Tickets £45pp

Junipa Therapy Rooms, Jubilee Wharf, Penryn.


Have you ever wondered why you never get round to starting something new?

Are you lacking the motivation?

Or perhaps you start off: it’s going brilliantly for you and then the brakes go on!

Are you a chronic list maker and keep adding items to it?

You’ve been on every diet there is but revert back to old eating habits?

Do you feel that there is something blocking you from getting going?

Then this mornings workshop is for you.

We’ll teach you how to tap into your motivation and keep it on tap – for good!
We’ll feed your mind with the knowledge it requires to make changes and stick with them. It’ll be fun and interatctive. They”ll be plenty of discussion and you’ll have time to work on your own individual plans. This is not a note taking workshop but you can if you like. It’s more talking, llistening and doing.

Amanda Hudson has been in private practice coaching aduls for over 10yrs. She’ll be bringing her knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm as well as her calm grounded side to give you the best way forward for whatever you would like to focus on.