HealthTasteLife Workshop – £45

**New dates soon**
Jubilee Wharf, Penryn. Cornwall

This half day Workshop will teach you to rethink what, when and how you eat.

This is a Masterclass; so the morning is going to be jammed with information to give you the knowledge you require to make a permanent change for a healthier Lifestyle.

Who is it for?Anyone who:

    • Has been meaning to get around to doing something about their eating habits
    • Is worried about their weight, energy or health
    • Is feeling out of control
    • Is confused about what to eat
    • Wants to change

Regain control of your eating habits
Practical advice on regaining control back over your relationship with food. (and with yourself)

    • Banish Cravings
    • Know what to eat and how much
    • Behaviour Change
    • Nutrition advice

This is not a diet, but a practical look at what our behaviours are around food, how they got there and how we can re-learn new healthy habits.

Amanda Hudson  has been described as “not just a Hypnotherapist”. She is an experienced NLP Coach with over ten years experience of working with clients and delivering workshops. Director of LifeMOT CIC; she also created ‘LifeTalks’ a monthly knowledge and networking group in Cornwall, created to connect like-minded people who have a thirst for knowledge.
In her past she’s been a fitness Instructor and Operations Manager of a Pool/Fitness Complex and she has a passion for eating sensible healthy meals based on people individuals requirements.

NEW – Motivate Me WorkshopMotivation

£45 New dates coming soon
Junipa Therapy Room, Jubilee Wharf. Penryn

    • Have you ever wondered why you never get round to starting something new?
    • Are you lacking the motivation?
    • Or perhaps you start off: it’s going brilliantly for you and then the brakes go on!
    • Are you a chronic list maker and keep adding items to it?
    • You’ve been on every diet there is but revert back to old eating habits?
    • Do you feel that there is something blocking you from getting going?

Then this morning workshop is for you.

We’ll teach you how to tap into your motivation and keep it on tap – for good!
We’ll feed your mind with the knowledge it requires to make changes and stick with them. It’ll be fun and interatctive. They”ll be plenty of discussion and you’ll have time to work on your own individual plans. This is not a note taking workshop but you can if you like. It’s more talking, llistening and doing.

Amanda Hudson has been in private practice coaching adults for over 10yrs. She’ll be bringing her knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm as well as her calm grounded side to give you the best way forward for whatever you would like to focus on.


Wellness Workshop

Our one day Wellness Workshop supporting your health needs. Using techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Life Coaching and Training, LifeMOT will build on the skills and abilities people already have to give a better understanding about how to make positive change and develop their own personalised support plan to create the best possible health for each individual.
Are you:
Living with a long term health condition?
Have an undiagnosed condition?
Living with pain?

The one day workshop is for adults with a health diagnosis and anyone who supports the individual. Consultants, GP’s, Nurses, Care workers, Volunteers, Family, friends etc.

Empowering people to make positive lifestyle choices can reduce the need for medications, speed up recovery and reduce time spent in GP surgeries or emergency out of hours call outs.
We work with partners and communities to increase social networks and reduce isolation and loneliness

Course content

    • Explore coping techniques
    • Mindfulness Relaxation
    • Visualisation
    • Goal setting
    • Life balance and daily planning
    • Reframing
    • Create your Wellness Plan