file0001154350520Thank you to my client this month who said those words to me. I’m still smiling.
I wonder how many of us hear similar words to these while they are working? Or, how many of us compliment others we work with?
I love watching others grow and develop through coaching; you can see a real change in some people very quickly, whilst others can take a while to let ideas sink in and then suddenly they realise they’ve changed in some way! My role as a coach allows me to use all my trainings and skills from a wide knowledge base to tailor each session to the individual. We are all unique so how could someone write a plan that is effective for everyone? Coaching is adaptable and spontaneous, that’s why we get great results. I love to plan; don’t get me wrong, but you have to know when to let your sub-conscious mind be creative and come up with the best solutions for you. Do you hear the terms, “I just to need to let that sink in”‘ “I’ll sit with it a while” It’s out internal pause button giving us time to process ready for change. Give yourself time. But, if your internal clock has got stuck, then think about contacting a coach to get you back in sync again and regain your momentum.