Is stress making you old?

A new study conducted by Finnish researchers has confirmed what many of us have known for years: our stressful jobs are making us age faster. Being in a constant state of anxiety at your workplace could make you old before your time and expose you to illnesses associated with aging Read more:

Collaboration Event

LifeMOT would like to thank Julian Jenkins, Senior Partner at Clydesdale Bank for hosting our Collaboration Event today. "It given us the opportunity to let Community organisations know what we do and how we can work with them to achieve their targets for their clients" said Amanda Hudson, she added "using NLP techniques means can be very

Flexible working hours

Department Of Health Report: Thousands of individuals with mental health needs could be offered more flexible working under a new initiative launched today by Health Minister Lord Howe. “A good working environment is crucial for our wellbeing – and it can help aid the recovery of mental health conditions".