At last, I’m now qualified to give nutritional advice, so watch this space for news of our Weight Management courses. I’m working on a snazzy title for them, don’t worry.
Since Christmas I’ve been indulging my love of food. Not in eating everything in sight, but to gain the more knowledge so I can share it with you. I’ve had a lifelong interest in food, you could say; but now I’m more interested in how we can shape our future health by becoming Competent Eaters and paying attention to our eating habits. We can sometimes under-estimate the influence of environmental and social impacts on our eating habits. Were you brought up to eat around the dinner table? Were you 1 of 7 children; so eat it quickly or a sibling will take advantage or, there just wasn’t enough so when you have food, make sure you eat it all?

I’ve attached The Lund report article Here if you want to hear more about how,what we eat effects our long-term health prospects

“We’ve come to believe chronic disease is inevitable. There’s a lot of evidence against that point of view,” Kent Thornburg told the Women’s Health Network. “We need to stop people from being vulnerable to disease.”

I’ve been putting into practice all the new knowledge I have and I’m feeling the difference just after 1 week. Imaging how I’ll feel in 1 month, 1 year, 10 years…….