If you’ve ever wondered;
Who needs Coaching?
What is it all about?
Will I gain from it?
Watch Amanda Hudson explaining a bit about Coaching.

People seek out a Developmental Coach for lots of different reasons so there is no set answer to some of  the questions above. What we do know, is that anyone who’s experienced coaching with LifeMOT has taken something invaluable with them and they that knowledge for the rest of their lives.
Coaching gives you a space to explore, evaluate, reflect and plan.
For a business it can make a huge difference to staff motivation, performance, communication and employee well-being. When your employees are well then your business can thrive and be more profitable.

If you’d like to know more or to have a chat with Amanda in an informal setting, please check out our next LifeTalks Events where Amanda is presenting on ‘Values’ The importance of being in tune with them.

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