When we launched Life Conversations last year on Wednesday October 24th, we did so with the card deck, At Your Best® which combines pictures on one side with a strength description on the other. We asked participants to choose up to 3 cards based on the pictures and talk to each other about what attracted them to that picture. We then turned the cards and they discussed whether the strength (modesty, calm, action) matched up to the picture and in what ways they were or were not exhibiting that strength in their lives.

We filled the room with conversation and the time flowed. We got to know each other to the extent that we were prepared to share (and no more). What emerged was how similar our experiences were. We are all different and yet we were able to relate to each other’s strengths and narratives. Narratives = stories and they are what we hold in common, we all have stories and we are all inspired and prompted by stories.

The cards come out again almost exactly a year later on 23rd October at the Falmouth Hotel. We start at 4pm and end at 6.
The event is FREE. All you need to do is buy what refreshments you want.

Come and share stories with us in a safe and encouraging environment (with amazing sea views).

Book here (so we know how many will join us).