We all know that if we had more time we could……………….What could we do?

One to one Business Coaching is your way of giving yourself time to explore what it is you can do and achieve now and in the future.
It’s an invaluable time to look at your skill areas and constructively build a robust action plan for your business or personal life.Business Growth

LifeMOT will help you to balance your abilities, utilising the skills you already have and add advanced skills that work at a pace that suits you. We can tailor each session to your needs and pace of working, giving you time to progress and reflect each step of the way.
Our trainers have a diverse mix of skills including; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Business Management, Health and Nutrition so we understand how to support people to explore their mind and body needs. Our goal is to support people to create a realistic balanced lifestyle that enables them to make their life easier, make decisions quicker, be more productive, emotionally intelligent and resilient.

LifeMOT inspires people to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

Talk to us now about how we can help you. We’re passionate about teaching people how to create positive habits and behaviours.

I have benefited greatly from working with Amanda, who has guided me towards some major goals in my professional and personal life. I now have a toolbox of skills, techniques and mindsets for keeping focused on my goals, and keeping life in a healthy balance at the same time. Amanda is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and practical in her approach. I am happy to give her the strongest possible recommendation”. 
– RK, Cornwall

Why bring in an external coach?

There are many reasons why organisations are choosing External coaches over “in house” training.
So here’s a quick viewpoint on why I think it’s beneficial and what my clients have said in their feedback:
“You ask the questions that my employees are too afraid to ask me:
“It’s given me the gentle push I’ve needed to explore additional skills”
“I could never have imagined that i would have been able to achieve what I have”

We can give people “different” thinking skills from the Management training they already have as we specialise in coaching people. We’ll be able to bring all of our knowledge and skills from a broader range of training to assist people to explore their potential in ways that, perhaps, they had thought about before.

External coaching sessions give Managers and employers the space to discuss difficulties without feeling restricted or bound by internal politics or office culture. We are not involved with the day to day running of a business but there to have an open dialogue to empower people.

LifeMOT Agreement (exert from)

• Treat our client and their business with respect
• Maintain confidentiality for the client and the business
• Keep professional notes (Data Protection Act 1998)
• Agree aims and targets individually
• Maintain professional standards and boundaries
• Continue to update our skills
• Adhere to LifeMOT policies and procedures
• Bring our knowledge and skill and expertise to your sessions
• Encourage innovation

Here what some of our coachees have said
After a devastating four years during which I lost the three people closest to me, most of my business and my financial security, I met Amanda. Overwhelmed, bewildered and frightened, I must have appeared quite a challenge to her!
I had visited a ‘therapist’ in the intervening period, arranged by well meaning family, but ‘talking about it’ (ie revisiting all the pain), did not work for me at all. I would come out of the sessions feeling wretched, emotionally drained and as if I was going backwards, when I needed to be moving forwards … and fast.
AMANDA IS DIFFERENT! With real skill and the utmost professionalism she practices a range of techniques which are geared to helping you achieve positive, quantifiable, results … quickly.
Immediately I met her I felt I was in a safe pair of hands. She has real empathy but is businesslike and determined that I get as much as possible from my one hour sessions with her.

I made progress very rapidly. She helped me identify priorities in key areas of my life (health, business, friends & family etc) and develop a structured approach to meeting the objectives I could then set myself. She also helped me to identify my strengths and how I could employ these to best effect.

My diet and fitness levels (which had been appalling) improved dramatically, I began to sleep well and, of course, I felt better as a result. Having clear objectives meant I was ultilising my time much more efficiently, achieving good results and (finally) making real progress in all aspects of my life.

Whereas I was focused on regaining my financial security, Amanda was quite determined I also investigate how I would like my long term future to look. This I resisted and found very difficult, but it enabled me to identify some ‘bucket list experiences’, which I have now begun to tick off. These have involved significant amounts of travel, putting myself in challenging situations, conquering fear and calling on stamina I didn’t know I had. Through this I have met great people, had some of the best experiences of my life and grown in confidence.I first met Amanda two years ago and, after a 9 month gap when I was abroad working through my bucket list, I revisit her now because I consider her (in a very good way!) to be my most valuable management tool. It is only through her and her techniques that I make time to analyse my results, discuss the progress I have made, and reset objectives. I consider my occasional sessions with her to be the best investment in time and £££ that I make and the outcomes are always positive.

I unhesitatingly recommend Amanda, whether you are lost or not. Evaluating your life and refocusing on your future can be enjoyable and I truly believe you will be richer for the experience of meeting her.

I have explained to Amanda that I would prefer not to sign off with my real name. I am a *businessman and unfortunately, amongst my peers the term ‘therapist’ still carries a certain stigma. I consider Amanda to be more of a coach of life skills and personal development; just the kind of person I would have employed to train my young Managers in my pervious business career.