Bosence Farm

I had a fabulous day with Bosence Farm this week on day 1 of Step into Life and I’m really looking forward to returning next week to hear how things have been going. What I really loved, apart from the beautiful blue sky and refreshing venue was the questions I was being asked. It was thought provoking, not only for the attendees but for me too. I didn’t have all the answers but what’s it’s doing for me and the others is getting us all out of our comfort zone and into our stretch zone. This is the place where we can all learn – where we feel a bit stretched. It’s where our conscious mind had to pay a bit more attention to whats happening and think about things, rather than just drift along doing the same thing every day……
I love being in my stretch zone and it’s good for me to be pushed even further and to remind myself what it feels like. It’s a place of new learning. We are learning about the world around us and, more importantly, we are learning about ourselves so that we can grow.

We have one last Step into Life course that’s planned for Falmouth on 21st & 23rd October. Places are filling up fast so call today please.

Last night, I delivered a talk on NLP for Health. It was designed as an overview of the courses we have developed over the years with LifeMOT and to give attendees a feel for the work by taking part in an exercise on “create your personal mission statement” Thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed a glass of Pimms/coffee/chocolates and took part. It was a good experience for me and I’ve had some lovely feedback. I’m looking forward to the next one.