file7811281147945This November at Lifetalks we’ve teamed up with Kim Coe – Mad Seminars to bring you an exciting evening or knowledge, discussion and exploration.
Whatever Next! is a rare opportunity to have Kim here with us in Cornwall to share her expertise in bringing together process, people and technology for radical, deep change; accompanying managers, support and frontline people alike in aligned goals and growth of business value.

Please don’t attend if you are looking for any improvement techniques, as I will only disappoint you. Please do come along if you are willing to really take a look in the time available – and to move further away from what you don’t want – as a driver – to what you do want: as a natural expression of your purpose, genuine talents and untapped potential for enjoying the next part of the journey.
Periodically, we all need to take stock of our lives and be more creative around crafting the next phase our lives – as a considered, positive and meaningful exercise.
The problem is firstly around being too busy living out our previous intention (and sometimes just surviving it as time has gone on) and secondly having little frame of reference with which to judge and make decisions about our future, given that’s often like trying to see our face without a mirror.
Whether you are treading water or on the cusp of something new, this session is about standing back and reconnecting to the inherent meaning of your life and grasping its proper form and activity in the coming times.

Truro Prep School Assemble Hall is the grand venue which will seat up to 100. Please share this event and remember to book you place. Email me Subject LifeTalks