“Conversation is becoming a lost art, replaced by endless talk. To converse is to share ideas and learn from one another in the process. It demands listening and talking in equal degrees. Talk is one-way. All those people endlessly talking into their cellphones, the TV chat shows, the instant pundits on any topic, all of them talk without ceasing yet rarely pause to listen. We live surrounded by constant chatter that amounts to little more than fear of silence. People spend their time between talking thinking about what to say next.” from “The Forgotten Power of Conversation”

Life Conversations is intended to be based on that ‘lost art’ of conversation. Where we listen as much as (or more than) we speak. Each time, we set up a space where it is possible to share your experiences, feelings, emotions, values and beliefs with others who are there to do the same. We are not group therapy. However, it is undeniable that we come away from a ‘good’ conversation – a positive conversation – feeling some improvement in our mood, or state and having learnt something new. Conversations are powerful, even when the tone and topic are light.

Come and join us to listen, learn and contribute at The Falmouth Hotel from 4pm on Wednesday 19th February.  Please book your place, which is FREE, by clicking here and registering on Eventbrite.


Is Conversation a Lost Art?