So much has been happening that I’ve not posted for a while so I thought I’d get around to updating the latest news.

Firstly we have another Free* Step into Life Course planned for June 17th and 24th in Penzance. This 2 day workshop with give you lots of skills that you will be able to use instantly to improve your motivation for whatever it is that you wish to achieve. We’ve had people who wanted to improve their health, find employment, have the confidence to attend a college course, to manage their family life more effectively…… You bring yourself along and we’ll work with you in a confidential manner. We keep the groups small so spaces are limited.
If you work for an organisation that supports unemployed adults then talk to us now as we may be able to come to you and deliver this course. Deadline for this is July so call today please.

LifeTalks this month was a fun filled discussion on #Lifehacks. Who knew, that we all knew so many! Thank you to everyone who contributed. I’ve been posting them on to Facebook and Tweeting all week just in case you missed out. We had tips for gardening – Did you know we only have 100 harvests left in our soil? Taking a “P” break – That’s P for Pause and lots of helpful cooking tips to save us all time and energy. You can post yours on our Facebook page too.

This month I have been to 2 Conferences and will be reporting back on Evidence Based Research for Hypnotherapy, some of which is relevant to the work I do with LifeMOT. Check it our here too There is lots to report about Work Based Wellness programmes and reducing Anxiety.
Remember that we offer one to one sessions which, the cost, can often be covered by your employer as part of their ongoing commitment to Health & Safety in the workplace. Time off due to stress related illness can be prevented if you have good self management techniques and know how to put techniques in place to support you or your staff members. You can’t afford not to.