Business Conversations are a new offering from LifeMOT cic which have been developed usiung Life Conversations as a model and Appreciative Inquiry as a philosophy. As such, they are free-flowing conversations, with no limits, the Agenda set by the participants and a lively exchange of experience, views and wisdom.

This is not a ‘Death by Powerpoint’ approach and there is no one speaker. All around the table will contribute. Because of this, and because the participants are self selecting, no two Conversations will develop in the same way. We only have the lightest of structures – decide what, within the overall ‘Health and Wellness in Business’ banner, we want to explore, explore it with a short sum up at the end. Each of us will take away our own action points and learnings and apply them in our own way in our own businesses.

As part of Cornwall Festival of Business, coordinated by Cornwall Chamber, and with the strong support of Tremough Innovation Centre who provide our venue, this will be a free event. There will be two sessions on 31st October at 11am – 1pm and 2pm until 4pm. Choose your preferred session and book online at Eventbrite.

There is no cost to this event other than your time and a huge benefit for those who particpate – a meeting of minds and a networking opportunity.
Your feedback will be sought to help us develop this concept as a commercial offering in 2020.