Last week we hosted out first LifeTalks AI 2 day Workshop here in Cornwall.
It was an opportunity for a small group of individuals to explore how the AI model can help them and experience how it can be transferred into their business, personal life or community.
AI works on the assumption, ‘something is working well’ and uses this to discover how we can improve by maintaining a positive focus.

AI teaches us to work together and to seek out common ground.



Here’s what attendees said:

‘It’s opened my eyes to possibly being part of something bigger, connecting with other like-minded people from different walks of life and improving the life of others’

‘A deeper sense of value of the power of developing a positive core at the centre of a business or project’

“Thoroughly enjoyed working alongside new people and appreciating different ways of seeing and thinking”



Whats next?
What came out of the workshop was a drive to develop an appreciative, creative, positive group that has a focus on ‘belonging‘ in our community. We will  encourage, being in the environment, movement and positive conversations. ‘Creating a Culture of Kindness’

We’ll look at nurturing uniqueness and our connectedness promoting well-being, health and happiness.

We know that loneliness is a growing issue in the world and we also know how good we feel when we do something for others. Paying kindness forwards or taking care of someone; from large to small contributions we can all do our bit to have a positive impact on our community, family, work place community or the world.

Keep a look out for our next project