Things didn’t go quite to plan!

Just a quick update to apologies for the pause in posting. We’re still active and you can follow our updates on Facebook in LifeTalks and LifeMOT Training

Amanda is currently learning how to “Slow down”as well as putting into practise pain management techniques that she usually saves for her clients. It’s been a good reminder of the tools that we can use for ourselves in times of crisis but also in times of maintaining status quo.

Amanda says, “I’ve been making the most of this additional time I have to rest up and give my body time to heal. So often we can be tempted to get straight back up and carry on as normal that we don’t stop to pause and listen to our bodies. During these rest times I have also been visualising; partly, in the short term, for pain relief but also I’m thinking longer term and visualising my posture and ease of movement”.

Pausing doesn’t have to be triggered by a major event such as an accident or planned for like a holiday. Pausing can be part of your every day routine. Some people will meditate , prey or have a cuppa in the garden.

Create a pause in your day

  • Change your depth of focus at work. Look at something far away for a minute while taking long slow breaths
  • Pull over in a safe place whilst driving around. Take in the view and smell the air
  • Daydream. Take yourself back to a wonderful memory or a future aspiration
  • Just stop for a moment and be aware of posture and breath

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