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Step Into Life

LifeMOT inspires people to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

We’re passionate about teaching communities how to create positive habits and behaviours.
We have a proven track record for improving confidence. Our goal is to support people to create a realistic balanced lifestyle that enables them to make their life easier, make decisions quicker, be more productive, emotionally intelligent and resilient.

This two day course is designed to give you practical easy to learn tools that will be with you for the rest of your life. based on NLP, theory and practical work that’ll make sense of how your mind works.

It’s time to give yourself an MOT and make sure that you are running efficiently.
Venues for 2015:

We’ll come to you in West Cornwall. Please let us know ASAP. We have three more workshops to be delivered by October 2015. FREE if you’re unemployed

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Well To Work

Cornwall has a higher than average ageing population meaning there is an increased demand on NHS funds. Three out of every five people aged over 60 in England suffer from a long-term condition, and as the population ages, this proportion is likely to rise.
There are 40,000 people in Cornwall who are out of work, of which some 23,000 receive health related benefits.
The estimated cost to the NHS of obesity related conditions locally will rise to about £161 million by 2015.
“By supporting people with their long term conditions, through personal support plans and increasing their capacity to self-care, we can help to improve their mental as well as physical wellbeing”. (Outcome 2 from Health and Well-being Strategy 2013-2015)

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