May Newsletter

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Step into Life Workshops

LifeMOT is now offering you the chance to experience our Step into Life Workshops as individual sessions. I've got  limited time during the day, what can I fit in? I just want to get back in control of my life - Can you do that? I can't let my managers go for a whole day.....

Burn out

If you have feelings of frustration, fatigue, lack of focus or concentration, interpersonal issues at home or work then you may be be suffering from burn out. Find out more Here The latest research suggests that majority of burnout comes from home/work conflict. Unrealistic expectations from work, partners of even from yourself can leave us with a feeling

April Newsletter

Here's the latest open Talk Newsletter from Hypnotherapy Peer Group in Cornwall. If you've always wanted to know more about hypnotherapy and how you might benefit then come along and list to Anthony. He's giving you a sneak preview of his latest book and he'll be answering questions. There will be lots of time to